Taiwan Cyber Security Gains International Recognition

Having represented Taiwan in international competitions and evaluations, five world-renowned Taiwanese cyber security companies have been invited to share their experiences through topic-based webinars. Drawing attention to the current state of cyber security, the webinars will describe the advantages of products in resolving threats and outline their path of development. Furthermore, the technological advantages and competitiveness of Taiwan’s cyber security companies will be presented.

Welcome to Asia Cyber Channel Summit Virtual Watch Now
Mei-Hua Wang, The Minister of Economic Affairs
Through the integration of different market channels and resources, we actively assist Taiwan’s cybersecurity companies to make opportunities in different countries. We will also arrange webinars to help businesses to find their partners faster, hope that this platform can create more business opportunities for everyone.
CyCraft Security Solutions Watch Now
Chad Duffy, Director of Global Marketing & Cloud Engineering , CyCraft
CyCraft secures government agencies, Fortune Global 500 firms, top banks and financial institutions, critical infrastructure, airlines, telecommunications, hi-tech firms, and powers security operation centers with our proprietary and multi-award-winning AI-driven MDR/EDR/NDR/XDR, Threat Intelligence, Health Check/CA, IR, and Secure From Home services.
5G APP Security of Digital Workforce Watch Now
Shao-Kang Chin, CEO, iMobile Mind
iMobile Mind devoted innovative mobile software & security for 15 years. Our mission is to provide the best mobile solution for employees. ISAI APP is One Powerful Mobile Security Platform to integrate easily and fast with internal different enterprise applications or web systems. ISAI enhance security including SSO & 2FA, wireless transmission encryption, automatic watermark, prohibition of forwarding and copying, remote deletion of mobile data, application authorization management. ISAI has implemented on different industries including FMCG, Retail, Finance, Manufacture, Medical, Government, Service, Semiconductor, High-Tech Industries on 16 countries.
New thinking of Multi-Factor Authentication for next generation Watch Now
Cheng-I Lin, CEO, Lydsec Digital Technology Co., LTD
What different between multi-factor authentication and multi-steps authentication? How to achieve the real “user-oriented”authentication and personalized by each user?
IoT Product Security Solutions Watch Now
Daniel Liu, CTO, Onward Security Corp.
With the world going digital, the popularity of IoT devices is rapidly rising. This is not only reshaping people's lives but also spurring a wave of new market opportunities. However, the growingly widespread use of connected devices also leads to increased cybersecurity threats. To control cybersecurity risks, governments around the world are enacting cybersecurity laws while leading manufacturers are also implementing cybersecurity requirements for their products. As international markets and customers impose more and more regulations and requirements on cybersecurity, ICT device manufacturers feel mounting pressure.
How to make your data immune to all kinds of attacks? Watch Now
Vince, Marketing Director, WiSECURE Technologies
The changing landscape of cyber threats have interrupted the balance of existing security ecosystem. Passwords are prone to leakage, impersonation, and phishing. It is also laboursome to manage many passwords. In this regard, password-less login methods have become the next paradigm shift, which also benefits enterprises in many ways.