Asia Cyber Channel Summit Annual Survey

Investigating the Current Status of Cyber Security
Requirements in the Southeast Asian Market

Launched for the first time in 2019, the Asia Cyber Channel Summit (ACCS) invited cyber security channel buyer groups from the Southeast Asian market to visit Taiwan for an in-depth exchange with local cyber security vendors. By gaining insights into cyber security market development from each other, even more collaborative business opportunities were established.

Currently, the operational resilience of businesses is being put to the test during this time of change as the pandemic continues. The cyber security defense requirements that come with an accelerated level of digital transformation have also brought about important changes in the market. At this moment, knowledge about the current needs in cyber security for businesses serves as an advantage in seizing market opportunities.

The cyber security industry of Taiwan hopes to develop these business opportunities with you. Through the Asia Cyber Channel Summit Annual Survey, we place attention on the trends and needs of the Southeast Asian cyber security market with you, and tailor your future service strategies in the direction of meeting business procurement requirements while creating revenue!



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