Safe and Secure
Cyber Security, Made in Taiwan

Launched in 2019, the Asia Cyber Channel Summit (ACCS) is part of CYBERSEC — the largest and most influential conference on cybersecurity in Taiwan — to align Taiwanese cybersecurity service providers with international technology and market partners.

Taiwan, with its high level of informatization and dedication to technological development, has recognized the influence of cyberattacks earlier than do many other countries and thus become a leader in the development of cyber security technologies and strategies. The trend of digital transformation and value innovation in industries has contributed to the growing global demand for cyber security products and services. The ACCS brings together the strong technological capacity and high-quality product resources in Taiwan; in 2019, the first group of the potential buyers of cyber security channels, namely cyber security agents, distributors, system integrators, and managed security services providers from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand were invited to the conference. The conference sessions, such as guided tour, business-to-business briefing, and matchmaking, enabled Taiwanese businesses and these potential buyers to understand each other’s views on cyber-security market development, creating opportunities for collaboration between them.

This year (2020), global business activities have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to Taiwan’s successful pandemic control, the 6th CYBERSEC conference was held as scheduled on August 11 and 12, attracting more than 6,000 attendees. Taiwan, as the first country globally to host a large cyber security conference and keep the industry functioning normally since the outbreak, has garnered much international attention. The attendance of President Tsai Ing-wen at the conference again highlighted Taiwan’s devotion to developing its cyber security industry and to establishing a cyber security system and industry chain that the world can trust in.

The ACCS aims to break through the limitations imposed by the pandemic that has interrupted the physical connections and exchange among countries. By incorporating online video conferencing and business matchmaking, the ACCS will establish an international marketing platform, Asia Cyber Channel Summit Virtual, and formulate supporting measures to deepen the world’s understanding of the high-quality Taiwanese cyber security brands striving to provide safe and assuring services for their clients.


A sincere thank you to all cyber security representatives from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore who participated in Asia Cyber Channel Summit@CYBERSEC 2019. Your participation definitely made our event a grand success. See you soon!