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Welcome to Asia Cyber Channel Summit Virtual

This year’s ACCS Virtual consists of the integration of online multimedia and online business matching activities through the virtual sales expansion platform. There will be more than 30 Taiwanese cyber security providers who will be exhibiting their products and solutions in ACCS Virtual. You are welcomed to take this opportunity to deepen the interactions with Taiwanese providers and strengthen the information security abilities at the same time; and also to create a safer digital world through this win-win business cooperation.


Welcome to...CyberSecurity Technology Institute

Leading in serving the public sector in Taiwan, the Cybersecurity Technology Institute (CSTI) is aimed at providing technology solutions and services for its clients in confronting with emerging security challenges in cyberspace. As the traditional defense equipment has no longer provided enough ability in preventing potential threats. CSTI is going to introduce two technology applications for emerging threats: SecBuzzer ESM (Enterprise Security Management) and DTM (Detection Tagging Mitigation).

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Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions for Connected Devices

As the intrusion methods of connected devices are constantly updated, the difficulty of test technology and labor costs are getting higher and higher. How to conduct a complete internal security test is the focus of global IoT and industrial control equipment manufacturers. To this end, Onward Security has invested in the research and development of security test tools many years ago, hoping to help manufacturers solve product security problems with automated tools. It introduced HERCULES SecFlow and SecDevice, which are automated product security assessment platforms aimed to help firms implement DevSecOps.

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Mobile Security and Digital Asset Risk in Digital Age

Introduction to HyperG Smart Security. How HyperG helps to identify to various cyber threats and attacks and protect protect smart devices and operating systems from unknown threats.

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Best AI Email Security Cloud Service for Microsoft 365 / G Suite

OSecure Cloud Security Service is cloud service brand by Openfind. It provides additional Email security services for corporate, especially good for Microsoft 365/G Suite. OSecure offers advanced prevention with precision filtering technology, upgraded mail protection to ensure the security of corporate communications. Also it offers adjustable filtering settings and comprehensive review of corporate security requirements and with high-speed interception and report generation for optimal management efficiency.

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What the COVID-19 teaches us about cybersecurity – and how to prepare for the inevitable global cyberattack

COVID-19 shows that the world is far more likely to get disturbance by cyberattacks than history shows. And a cyber pandemic is probably as inevitable as a future disease pandemic. The time to start thinking about the response is – as always – yesterday. To start that process, it’s important to examine the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic -and use them to prepare for a future global cyberattack. The comprehensive preparation for cyber pandemic will enable the world to keep from invasion from hackers, as well as decrease security concerns about working remotely. Then shutdown can hardly happen to organizations.

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Use SkyMDM - XCome MDM solution to protect information security of mobile device

XCome MDM solution-SkyMDM can effectively and quickly control the information security of mobile devices. Through this platform, enterprise can centrally control all mobile devices, rapidly mass deployment. Set different management policies according to different groups. includes control of basic mobile phone functions: such as Camera, WI-FI, Bluetooth , USB access and other restrictions, APP management: such as APP whitelist, run time permissions and other settings. Our key success cases, semiconductor manufacturer TSMC and government organizations, through XCome SkyMDM , quickly and mass deployment of nearly 10,000 mobile phones, to achieve their goal of enterprise mobile security control.

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