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Welcome to Asia Cyber Channel Summit Virtual

This year’s ACCS Virtual consists of the integration of online multimedia and online business matching activities through the virtual sales expansion platform. There will be more than 30 Taiwanese cyber security providers who will be exhibiting their products and solutions in ACCS Virtual. You are welcomed to take this opportunity to deepen the interactions with Taiwanese providers and strengthen the information security abilities at the same time; and also to create a safer digital world through this win-win business cooperation.


What the COVID-19 teaches us about cybersecurity – and how to prepare for the inevitable global cyberattack

COVID-19 shows that the world is far more likely to get disturbance by cyberattacks than history shows. And a cyber pandemic is probably as inevitable as a future disease pandemic. The time to start thinking about the response is – as always – yesterday. To start that process, it’s important to examine the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic -and use them to prepare for a future global cyberattack. The comprehensive preparation for cyber pandemic will enable the world to keep from invasion from hackers, as well as decrease security concerns about working remotely. Then shutdown can hardly happen to organizations.

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BlockChain Sign: Online Document Signing Platform

Introduction of BlockChain Security Corp. and its solutions.. Blockchain Sign is a one-stop platform helping businesses with online document signing and auditing contracts. Users are allowed to sign on-screen using online web addition as well as mobile app, helping organizations save significant time handling complicate paper printing, signing and scanning process. The platform provides end-to-end document signing, biometric authentication, permanent preservation on blockchain. Together, these features make signing process more efficient by making use of cryptographic encryption, face recognition, two-factor authentication and blockchain technology.

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SOAPA Dashboard - Zero Trust Assurance Suite

SOAPA Dashboard is a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform that has powerful capability to automate and orchestrate security incident response processes. SOAPA Dashboard empowers your organization to analyze and respond to incidents faster, more intelligently and more efficiently. Key Features ● Dynamic CMDB update ● Repair and response task assignment ● ISAC Response Knowledge DB ● Workflows for accurate and efficient incident response

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SEKRET MESSENGER End-to-end encryption

Sekret is a security application service built on cross-platform end-to-end encryption, which uses the highest level of encryption technology in cryptology for secure communication transmission. Product Features:  Sekret is secure, fast and professional.  Sekret encrypted form and lottery.  Sekret enterprise customization (private cloud). Why end-to-end encryption is more secure in Sekret?

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Welcome to...CyberSecurity Technology Institute

Leading in serving the public sector in Taiwan, the Cybersecurity Technology Institute (CSTI) is aimed at providing technology solutions and services for its clients in confronting with emerging security challenges in cyberspace. As the traditional defense equipment has no longer provided enough ability in preventing potential threats. CSTI is going to introduce two technology applications for emerging threats: SecBuzzer ESM (Enterprise Security Management) and DTM (Detection Tagging Mitigation).

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Trust Enabler of Remote Operation

There has long been controversy lying in software-based security versus hardware-based security. In the coming decades, hardware-based security is no longer an option but a must. While in the evolving threat landscape, how we achieve cost-efficient operations based on hardware-based security requires proficient know-how and approaches. The speech aims to pinpoint the best practice to reduce operation costs, enhance performance and safeguard intellectual properties in employing hardware-based security. Extraordinary viewpoints based on experiences rather than knowledge will definitely help business and governmental entities pave the way for a secured yet painless business development.

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